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Xinqidian chairman of Chinese people pay attention to health

To provide a healthy culture for the dissemination of green food
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Xinqidian chairman of Chinese people pay attention to health

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"Economic": the company's sales in the domestic market share and coverage of how?

Yu Hailong: at present, the overall situation is good. With the improvement of living standards, and now we not only the pursuit of delicious as the first requirement, but also pay more attention to food safety, nutrition and health of other elements, invisibly promoted the development of high-end edible oil. Organic Flaxseed Oil Series strict product since the end of 2007 formally since listing, a short span of three years have been stationed in the various international store system and large retailers super system, and received good market reflected.

2008 xinqidian operations center set up in Beijing, began to develop domestic and international markets. At present, in addition to Guangxi, Yunnan, Fujian and other parts of the provinces market is not open, the rest of the provinces and cities have been opened. With the opening of the national market, the company has successively in East China, North China, northwest, Shaanxi and other regions were set up sales offices, to further expand and strengthen the high-end edible oil industry. From the current national market share and market share, the product has a certain brand awareness, in the Beijing market has accounted for 85% of the share in the national market accounted for about 60% share.

In the development process, we have experienced a lot of difficulties to have today's achievements, to pay a lot of hard work. In product development, cultivate a including 2 professors, 5 associate professor, 10 graduate students, including Wang linolenic acid R & D team, and China Agricultural University linolenic acid experts in close cooperation, with the help of modern, cutting-edge technology the development of flax industry. Set up a top marketing team with actual combat experience, develop a full range of market planning and marketing support strategy; to provide quality after-sales service to dealers and consumers. Xinqidian will continue to invest a lot of money to marketing and new product research and development, tried to go in the forefront of the market, maintain a leading position in the market.

"Economy": how do you explain xinqidian corporate social responsibility?

Yu Hailong: health, green, environmental protection is our company to show the image of the enterprise.

Speaking from the product itself, the company has always insisted pure organic development direction, from raw material cultivation began to use the traditional way of planting the original ecological agriculture, artificial cultivation, the whole growth process without fertilization, spraying, do not add herbicides and other chemical products, is the real green, organic, pollution-free crops; in the milling process, the use of a leading international low temperature physics press technology to ensure the organic crop nutrition with original state is not destroyed, and in the whole production process does not use chemical additives, to retain the natural characteristics of organic and pure quality.

In social welfare activities, the company also attaches great importance to and for xinqidian flax seed oil is contained in the flourishing flax acid in the human body can produce DHA (brain gold) and EPA (vascular scavenger) this ~, regularly with the main sales area orphanages or homes for cooperation, provided free of charge we flaxseed oil products, with love and ability to improve their diet.

In addition, the company also paid a lot of attention of employee social responsibility in education and training, corporate culture to disaster assistance, for the people of disaster areas to solve problems as an important content in the social welfare activities. Known as "a difficult one, P Plus support" of the traditional virtues of the Chinese people, when the disaster comes, the company will internal staff together to the disaster area donation.

"Economy": how do you see the xinqidian company of the national diet health work?

Yu Hailong: we often refer to the need to improve the quality of the people, the physical quality is one of the important aspects. Xinqidian as a high-end edible oil enterprises, and to do is the development of health industry and growth, improve public health, enhance the level of national quality. Now people body fat is a serious imbalance in the status quo is the result of the traditional dietary structure of our country is in the human body now two fatty acids infinity - 3 and OO 6 proportion of serious imbalance. But at the same time need for human -3 and ~ -6, both checks and balances. In daily life, are intake with lack of infinity - 3 of edible oil, containing infinity - 6 Edible Oil surplus, the results of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, immune system diseases and so on on the door to find. Xinqidian to do is to help people to supplement for -3 fatty acids, regulate body fat balance. The World Health Organization after a great deal of research shows that our people's realistic life of linoleic acid and linolenic acid ratio has been as high as 25-30:1. And the two acid a reasonable proportion of the international requirements 4:1. We can reasonable proportion is still a long distance, Yan Qi Dian shoulders heavy responsibilities, will toward the target to move forward.

In addition, the company also will unite industry experts, in the nationwide promotion of healthy eating advantage in linseed oil, through a series of advocate of "scientific understanding of Wang linolenic acid" move, and promote the improvement of the traditional habit of eating oil, to help people to a higher level of health life changing.

"Economic": the company in the future development plan?

Yu Hailong: we hope to by now on flax seed planting and production accumulated certain experience, gradually rich company in high-end special oil product line, plans to in the next few years launched pumpkin seed oil, perilla oil, sea buckthorn seed oil products. At the same time, we will continue to cooperation with related agricultural research institutions, using organic farming has mature technology and cultivate more healthy organic miscellaneous grains series products.

The future of the company's main industry can contain high-end specialty oils and fats, organic miscellaneous grains series products, and become a business scope covering from R & D, production and sales, marketing, health education and other aspects of the all-round and comprehensive company.

We are in Hebei Province is an important poverty enterprises, a key planning is also a duty, is gradually help the local people to get rich as soon as possible, or richer, in the big do strong enterprises and effectively promote the local planting and processing industry development, to exert a force in Wei county economic development. We plan to enterprises through the decentralized production growers effective organization, imparting planting technology, drive farmers to enter the market to participate in the competition, form a relatively stable, and rolling development and share the benefits of economic union. One will focus on training and the introduction of a number of master practical technology of rural specialized households and entrepreneurs. To guide and encourage capable and poor households docking, to expand the industrialization poverty alleviation in surface and the benefit side, improve the income of the farmers.

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